Welcome to Honey’s Quilling Shop!  I am Honey, and I used to have an online shop here selling quilling supplies from Malaysia.  I have shut down my online shop (though people here in Malaysia can still get limited unique supplies from me, see below for more info) but I don’t want to leave you hanging!  Whether you are here looking for supplies, tutorials, or quilling tips, you can find links below to help you find what you need.  Feel free to contact me if you have any questions!

Quilling Supplies Around the World

Looking to purchase quilling supplies?  Click here to view a list of online shops organized by country.  Find what you want, where you want!


Looking for paper quilling tutorials?  Click here to view many awesome free tutorials on my blog!  I also have premium quilling tutorials for sale in my etsy shop.

What's Left

Do you live in Malaysia?  Are you looking for those unique quilling supplies that you couldn’t get anywhere else?  I have a few supplies left, and will continue to stock those hard-to-find items for now.  Click here to see what I have for you!